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Dr. Jason Stanczak

Dr. Jason Stanczak

Why Roseville Residents Love Michigan Spine Center

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Michigan Spine Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Jason Stanczak

“I did not want back surgery…”

I’m 32 years old and have been dealing with on and off back pain for the last 13 years due to a bulging lumbar disc in my lower back. The pain would flare up suddenly and would be so bad that I could barely stand or walk. I first experienced it when I was 19 and brushed it off as probably a pulled muscle. Two years later it happened again so I had an MRI done which showed the bulge in the lumbar disc. At first it was only about once a year that the pain would really bother me (though there was discomfort almost year round) but as time went on it had been happening more often.
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I have a 2 year old son and was getting very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to play with him as I wanted to and be able to do all the things that a dad is supposed to be able to do with his son. At one point when he was less than a year old he was taking a nap in his crib and my pain flared up again. My wife was not home at the time so I had to call my mom to come over in case he woke up because I was not able to get to his crib to get him out let alone take care of him by myself in this condition.

I was always told from others that surgery was the only option and those that I knew that had surgery still had problems. I was extremely apprehensive about spending so much money on surgery and having something as crucial as my spine operated on, especially if it probably wouldn’t even work.

When I spoke with Dr. Stanczak though, I was relieved to hear that there was a non-invasive alternative that could correct my problem that was more effective, safer, and only a fraction of the cost of surgery. First and foremost Dr Stanczak was able to determine through simple X-rays that while there was a bulging disc, that was merely a symptom of a larger problem. The curvature of my spine was not as it should be. The curve in my lower back was wrong and even the curve of my neck was wrong. All this was attributing to the problem and causing the disc bulge. Surgery may have attempted to fix the disc but it wouldn’t have fixed the real problem that was causing it.

Dr. Stanczak was able to work with me to put together an affordable three month therapy plan that included office visits as well as daily home exercises. These were designed not only to eliminate the bulge in the disc but also to heal and strengthen the disc, correct the curvature of my spine, both neck and lower back, and strengthen core muscles which help to retain my spines shape.

Just before I started my therapy the pain had flared up and usually it would take at least a month before I was comfortable again. But after just one week of therapy I had already noticed a difference. And now 6 months after starting and 3 months after completing the therapy plan I have not had one instance of pain or discomfort. My back feels great and I am able to go about my life as I could before. I keep up on my home exercises about twice a week to make sure everything stays the way it should.

I am very thankful to Dr. Stanczak for his help. He has given me back the ability to work and go about my life as I have wanted for the last 13 years. This includes playing with my son the way I want to and, more importantly, the way my son wants me to. I would highly recommend Dr. Stanczak to anyone who is looking for a solution to their pain and improve their overall wellness. – John Cusumano

“I was in constant pain but did not want another surgery…”

I have suffered from cervical disc problems for over 5 years. I endured sessions of physical therapy, epidural injections, and an operation to fuse one cervical disc.

The operation alleviated the constant pain. Approximately one year after, I was involved in an auto accident. Due to the whiplash effect the pain reoccurred in the cervical disc area.
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My surgeon prescribed physical therapy and after four months with no improvement I was very discouraged. I was in constant pain again but did not want another surgery.

I was very excited to learn about the Michigan Spine Center and their record of success with spinal injuries. I was advised by Dr. Stanczak to start the Pettibon program that he practices.

I have completed six months of treatment and exercise procedures. My level of pain has been greatly reduced and I’m now able to enjoy a quality of life, once again. Dr. Stanczak and his staff have been very professional and friendly during each and every visit. I always looked forward to going to my treatments because the staff and fellow patients I met were so encouraging. It was also reassuring to see my fellow patients progress in their treatments.

I have been, and will continue to always refer people to the Michigan Spine Center. They have been an answer to my prayers!

Donna Driest

“I have found the most effective pain relief and treatment”

I have found the most effective pain relief and treatment at the Michigan Spine Center. I have been to numerous chiropractors over the last 25 years and they could only give me temporary relief for some of my symptoms. Dr. Stanczak and the Pettibon treatment have helped me find lasting and beneficial relief that none of the other chiropractic care could give me. My overall health, and general quality of life seems very much improved since I struggled through the doors last November.

If you have pain and want it gone, then you have to see Dr. Stanczak and staff at Michigan Spine Center. Thank you, Dr. Jason, for the much needed relief.

~David Amara

“I started getting Migraine Headaches thirty eight years ago”

My experience at the Michigan Spine Center is one that has been a turning point in my life. I can’t say enough about it or tell enough people about it.

I started getting migraine headaches thirty-eight years ago soon after the birth of my first child. A few years later I suffered a lower back injury, which made it impossible for me to walk for a few weeks. Due to the extreme pain I was in, I started taking any and all over the counter medication until I found Excedrin, which I have been using all these years, at least four a day, sometimes six depending on the level of pain I was in that day.
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I went from one doctor to another from the west coast to the east coast, but no one was able to find the source of my problem or take the pain away. A couple of times I was taken to the hospital. There I was given more drugs and an ice pack and sent home. But not before I was put through a series of tests and was told that back surgery would probably be the way to go. Well, I definitely was not ready for that, so I continued going on day after day with migraines and back pain.

Then one day a friend of mine suggested I see Dr. Stanczak at the Michigan Spine Center. He told me about the Pettibon Method that would eliminate the pain. I had never heard of this treatment, but I was willing to try anything. Dr Stanczak took many hours with me explaining everything about the program and how it worked. His genuine interest in my case and his kind and caring manner told me that I was at the right place and not a minute too soon. I got started around the end of July of this year and within a week I could feel a great improvement. My back pain was considerably less and my migraines had stopped. GONE!!!!!!!!! For the first time in thirty-eight years I had some relief !!! About two and a half months later, I had zero pain in my back. The atmosphere that the doctor and his staff have created is one of warmth and friendly caring for each patient. They are dedicated to providing each one with the best care possible. It’s truly been a wonderful experience to know and to be cared for by the people at the Michigan Spine Center.

There is no reason to suffer with pain. I am thankful I don’t have to anymore !

Painless in Roseville (and lovin’ it)
~Diane O.

“I had extreme doubt not knowing if this was the right thing for me.”

In October 2005, I was in a car accident with a semi-truck. It landed me with a totaled car and worse of all two torn ligaments in my neck and a shift in my vertebrate. As the days passed I was constantly in excruciating pain. From the frequent headaches to the never-ending muscles pains, my bad health was taking over my life. I knew something had to be done.
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I heard about Dr. Stanczak and his practice of Pettibon Neurospinal Biomechanics at Michigan Spine Center. Although I knew I should see him for my conditions, I had extreme doubt not knowing if this was the right thing for me. From the moment I walked in, there was a change in my attitude. The welcoming manner of both he and his staff put my mind at ease. With Dr. Stanczak’s extensive education and clinical experiences I felt extremely confident in the treatment he would provide me. After two visits of working with him my headaches went away and the muscle pains decreased tremendously (and were completely gone after the fourth visit). I continued to see him for rehabilitation, which kept my pain away. It has been two and a half months since I have been to Michigan Spine Center and I have not experienced any pain since. Dr. Stanczak did a phenomenal job of treating me. Not only did I feel his medical experience was beneficial, but his positive attitude and his down to earth personality made me comfortable working with and most of all trusting him. I thank him for the time he spent with me and his amazing treatment. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Stanczak at Michigan Spine Center if you need correction for your spine and posture.
~G. Imbrunone, Warren, Michigan

“I received painful injections and physical therapy with no relief.”

Prior to seeking treatment by Dr. Stanczak I had visited various doctors for help. I received painful injections and physical therapy with no relief. Within one month of being seen at Michigan Spine Center my pain, which I had lived with for several years, began to subside. Now as I continue my therapy by performing the exercise routine provided by Dr. Stanczak for my specific need, I can finally enjoy everyday activities free of the constant nagging pain that I was troubled with. I am grateful for all the time and effort provided by Dr. Stanczak and his staff for helping me to realize that the Pettibon system really does work.
~Del W – Clinton Township MI

As a dedicated exercise fanatic, I’ve noticed a definite increase in my strength and energy since my treatment started a year ago with Dr. Jay. I have more energy now than I did in my early forties.
~George R. McMullen Jr.

“Surgeons wanted to cut in order to fix my problem.”

“For 10 years I had shooting neck pain expecting to just live with it. I am amazed to say within a few months Dr. Stanczak’s treatment took the pain away. Now I can resume an active exercise program worry-free. Surgeons wanted to cut in order to fix my problem. Dr. Stanczak’s solution was non-invasive and taught me how to take care of myself without doctor dependency.”
~Ken Prather

“Nothing was helping anymore.”

After being treated for neck and back pain my entire adult life, I was at a crossroads. Nothing was helping anymore. Fortunately, when I was at my lowest point with these pain issues, I was referred to Dr. Stanczak at The Michigan Spine center. Not only did I get relief relatively quickly, but for the first time I was beginning to understand the true nature of my problems. Not only is this treatment amazingly effective, Dr. Stanczak educates you to know your body and basically why it is doing what it is doing. With this knowledge you are able to take all the tools available to you in this program and use them very effectively. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that wants sustained pain relief. It has given me not only pain relief, but the knowledge that I will be able to use my entire life to help support spine health.
Gail D. Murray

“I tried everything….”

I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and have suffered with pinched nerves as a result of this for the past 3 years……

I would get muscle spasms in the pectoral muscle as well as a knotted muscle above my shoulder blade with pain and numbness down the arm and into my fingers……..
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I tried everything from massage, acupuncture, physical therapy , as well as “regular” chiropractic therapy. At first these things helped to alleviate the pain somewhat but never really totally…..I am a potter and bending over the wheel aggravated and worsened my condition to the point of almost unbearable pain.

I was desperate at this point and made an appointment with a doctor that I knew would send me to a neurosurgeon and an almost certainty that he would recommend surgery. I was trying to avoid this at all costs but at this point didn’t know where to turn when I met someone who told me about Dr. Stanczak and suggested I make an appointment with him. I was introduced to the Pettibon system which is a chiropractic therapy that pinpoints the problem areas in the spine and then treats the problem areas using specialized equipment to exercise the spine and help to reshape it as well as manipulation by the doctor to stretch and re-align the spinal discs. This takes the pressure off of the nerve causing the problems, as the disc’s gain space between them again ……

I have been a patient for 3 months and the only pain or numbness remaining is in my little finger which is nothing compared to the pain I have endured for the past 3 years. I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Stanczak. The office is very casual, and everyone knows each others name….. There is great caring and concern for the welfare of each and every patient and you have the feeling of family and that you are being treated by a family member. This makes for a very comfortable setting making the therapy a much easier experience.

I highly recommend talking with Dr. Stanczak about your case, and I am certain that if you decide to start your treatment that you won’t be disappointed.
~Elizabeth Gillanders

“After 21 days of office treatment and daily home exercises my knee pain was totally gone and the back and neck pain…”

After seeing a traditional chiropractor for neck, knee, hip and entire back pain for several years, I wondered why the pain was not only reoccurring but had started increasing. I also wondered why I couldn’t seem to hold the adjustments even for a week although I made changes in sleeping, and sitting posture and the type of shoes I wore. I then heard about Dr. Stanczak and the Pettibon system of treatment. I decided to try this method, especially after being told that I, at 52 walked stooped like my 85 year father.
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After being x-rayed Dr. Stanczak confirmed an earlier doctor’s diagnosis of lumbar and thoracic scoliosis. Dr. Stanczak also told me that I had a severe loss of curvature in my neck. After 21 days of office treatment and daily home exercises my knee pain was totally gone and the back and neck pain dwindled to occasional. Now, a little over a year later I have never had neck pain, I seldom have back pain (usually after flipping mattresses, tearing up carpeting or cleaning out the pond), no hip pain, and I have increased mobility in all my joints.

I will continue treatment to regain the loss of neck curvature (which has been greatly improved), and correction to the thoracic and lumbar scoliosis. I am not only immensely grateful for this change in my physical health but I also appreciate the upbeat, compassionate attitude towards me and other patients from the doctor and his staff. I never walk out of their office without a smile on my face or not having laughed heartily.
~ Danuta Danko, Grosse Pointe Park

“The key is to stick to the plan…”

I started going to Complete Wellness & Injury Solutions in November, 2007 for severe lower back problems. They have helped my spine tremendously, and have done what no conventional chiropractor could do. They were able to develop a comprehensive program for me based on my specific needs, and all I had to do was follow the program and I started to see an improvement and feel relief within a few weeks. The key is to stick to the plan and do exactly what they recommend, and you will get results. The staff is very knowledgeable and informative, and I wouldn’t be feeling as good as I do today without Complete Wellness & Injury Solutions. – DP

“Go Get Help!”

I met Dr. Stanczak and his efficient and friendly staff while he was helping my grandson recover from a trauma injury. I experienced very extensive back surgery 5 years ago so when I injured myself in April, I went to my regular doctor, but I waited a month. After months of treatment and many pills that kept me out of some pain, but also kept me asleep most of the time. My grandson was so convincing that he could help me, I went for a second opinion. I’ve been six times for treatment, my cane is no longer needed and I’m back to walking and shopping, and soon golfing. Yes, I am m Dr. Stanczak’s poster child at the age of 72, and he and his staff deserve every bit of these accolades.
– Z. Woolsey

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