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Your Second Visit to Our Roseville Practice

Initially, we will begin the second visit with a review of what we have found from your examination and assess your spinal condition. We will compare your x-rays with a normal set of x-rays; there is a range in which your spine should compare just like you have with blood pressures, cholesterol, heart beats, etc. Once we have identified the cause of your problem and where you spinal condition lies, a sample visit will begin.

The sample visit will consist of Pettibon specific adjustments and a test to determine the strength of your muscular system. During this test, a second set of x-rays will be taken to measure the degree of muscular reaction and spinal change which will occur.

When the test has been completed, you will schedule your third visit, which is your most important visit.

Generally the second visit is shorter than the first, about 25-35 minutes.

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