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The Pettibon System

The biggest enemy we have when it comes to spinal problems as gravity. Gravity wreaks havoc on our spine over a long period of time when spinal problems are not corrected properly. This is why the Pettibon system is so effective with helping people with long-term spinal issues.

A step-by-step progressive system

In short, the system works by having a step-by-step method of addressing all aspects of spinal problems, and gravity being the main target. We are able to utilize gravity to our benefit versus our nemesis by placing weights specifically on the body to correct your spinal structure. The Pettibon system is vastly different from physical therapy because the postural muscles which we target you cannot consciously contract; they are part of your autonomic nervous system, which also controls heart function, lung function, and other organ function. This is why you cannot consciously correct the spine with traditional exercises. Once you stop thinking about the spine returns to its previous position. The Pettibon system activates very specific reflexes in the body to automatically correct the curvatures of the spine and improve spinal function. This is another reason why it’s so effective.

There is no guesswork…

Not everyone is a candidate for this type of rehab. You must be tested first to determine if you will be accepted into the program, and this takes all the guesswork out of your progress. The Pettibon system stress testing allows us to gauge the amount of spinal correction we can make prior to you beginning any type of rehabilitation.

As You Correct And Become Stronger…

Your care is progressive, and as your correction improves, so do your exercises to maximize your strengthening. Your progress is directly attributed to your commitment to getting better in the office and at home.

A True Partnership

The truth is, we can’t “fix” you if you’re not willing to participate. Those who are truly interested in the lasting correction that is possible and do their homework, get the best results. This is what makes the correction last.

Dr. Stanczak is an instructor for the Pettibon Institute, and teaches this rehab system over the country to all disciplines of doctors. He is a true expert at the Pettibon system of spinal rehabilitation.

Conditions Dr. Stanczak has helped with the Pettibon system includes: disc herniations, disc bulges, failed spinal fusion surgeries, failed spinal surgeries, neck pain, back pain, headaches, migraine headaches, numbness and tingling in the arms, numbness and tingling in the legs, whiplash injuries, car accident injuries, and scoliosis, to name a few.

If you’d like more information please give Michigan Spine Center a call at (586) 774-6301.

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