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Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition, sometimes intertwined with Functional Medicine, is the ability to look into the building blocks of all of our biological processes. This is achieved through specialty testing such as: blood, urine, saliva, stool, or hair analysis. One of the crucial components to the healing process is to make sure your body has access to the high quality resources it needs. What you eat is important. However, it is very difficult to take in all that the body needs just through our diet.

Cooking at home

Most of us would be wise to eliminate sugar and processed foods from our diets and to eat more meals at home.

How Is This Different From Traditional Treatment?

Traditional medicine is typically focused on a diagnosis with associated symptom(s) attached to the diagnosis. This form of treatment usually is aimed at silencing the symptom. However, clinical nutrition is more concerned with the building blocks (the cause), or beginning processes. See, everything flows down hill per say, and if the the symptom is no water in the lake at the bottom of the mountain, does it make sense to treat the symptom by putting a hose by the lake to fill it? This is essentially what happens with medications. What makes more sense is to trek up the hill to find where the blockage is (the cause) near the top and remove it. This is essentially what happens with clinical nutrition and looking at the building blocks for the processes in the body. Approaching health this was allows the body to heal naturally without the damaging and toxic effects of a foreign substance constantly being introduced into our bodies on a daily basis. Medications have their place, but they are overprescribed and hard on our organs.

If Your Problem Is Not Complicated, Here Are Some Simple Suggestions:

A thorough exploration of proper nutrition is not possible here. However, these simple guidelines will get you started:

  • Eat Raw – Reduce or eliminate your consumption of processed foods.
  • More Vegetables – You need the enzymes in fruits and vegetables.
  • Supplementation – You may be missing key vitamins and minerals.
  • Less Cooking – Overcooking can destroy essential nutrients.
  • Eliminate Sugar – Sugar in all its many forms stresses the body.
  • Eat at Home – There’s nothing as good as a home-cooked meal.

Perimeter Shop

Most of the foods found in the aisles of your grocery store are processed to increase shelf life. In general, the more likely a food is to spoil, the more vital nutrients it contains. Do most of your shopping around the exterior walls of your grocery store, where you’re most likely to find the refrigeration units.

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